Timeless Room Decor Ideas

Timelessness is the key when decorating with limited funds. Here are three design elements that won’t break your budget. They include, black & white, Hollywood regency, and vintage modern.

Black and White

Black is the hue of authority and power, while white may be the color of purity and cleanliness. Both are popular in design because they are both neutral and timeless. There’s something chic to adding black and white in your room decor. It seems to not ever go out of style and black and white is simple and complicated.

Another decor idea is to style your living area in gray scale having a pop of 1 accent color. It makes a bold statement. I decorated my daughter’s nursery in black and white using a pop of green. Not your traditional baby room colors, however I used a repeated damask print that gave the decor a feminine touch. It will also live in style as she gets older and grows well in to her teens. I can maintain the white and black, and merely alter the accent color. Black and white adds interest to any room.

Hollywood Regency

A fantastic current style trend that began within the 1930’s is Hollywood regency. It is brimming with the glamour and luxury which is Old Hollywood. It is an eclectic style that meshes the Old Hollywood feel with modern pieces. Room decor in this style doesn’t have to be expensive though. With a little creativity and inspiration you’ll be able to reupholster a thrift store chair in velvet, add fringe to your lampshade, or lacquer or spray paint an old brass chandelier in black and achieve the Hollywood Regency look. Typical Hollywood Regency decor style includes elements such as lattice motifs, chandeliers, or tufted fabric. Updated Hollywood regency looks include bright bold colors and, shiny acrylic or mirrored accents and furniture.

Vintage Modern

If you own an eclectic style, mixing new or modern and vintage decor and furniture is only a fabulous design idea. For example, you can place today’s pillow on Grandma’s antique chair you inherited or reupholster it using a contemporary pattern. Or, give a colorful antique rug to your white kitchen. This design idea blends both functionality and style.

This style includes furnishings with design elements such as slender and angles legs on chairs and consoles. Wood is within different shades of blond and brown. The design reflects the time of World War II over the 1960s. You can also get this look by mixing modern pieces with antique finds. This style also looks great with industrial inspired pieces.

What I love relating to this style could be the eco-friendly part of literally turning trash into treasure. In this style, it’s quite common to adopt reclaimed materials and up-cycle them into unique pieces. Before wasting old furniture, think twice to see if you can use it in a fashion that it had not been intended.

The neat thing on this style is that it is budget-friendly at the same time. Thrift store, estate sales, and flea market finds are ideal for this style. Buy vintage accent pieces as being a coffee or side table; and modern larger pieces being a sofa or armchair to produce an elegant and inviting style.