How To Design Your Living Room (Part 2)

This article is the other and last area of the compilation of articles on how to design your lounge. Here we will explore different elements which go in designing an area.

When designing the room keep in mind unique while planning like –

movement pattern in the room

focal point of the room

proportions of your respective furniture comes the usage of aspects of color, light and texture. You can create lot of effects through the use of these factors sensitively and in an imaginative way.

Next here is some information about…

How To Select Furniture

Furniture is one of the most critical features in any room designs. Due to its volume and usage, it’s the maximum impact in the area.

While selecting furniture, some knowledge about it goes a considerable ways in providing you with the best out of it.

Modern furniture contains a lot of items independent of the main family area sets. These include a variety of lounge chairs like easy chairs, accent chairs, tub chairs etc. in addition to couches, love-seats, recliners, chaises etc.

Another extremely important part of furniture is the tables. Tables come in all shapes, sizes, styles and uses. Apart from the more widespread coffee tables and sofa end tables, you’ll find console tables, accent tables, occasional tables etc.

Use Of Soft Furnishings And Accessories

Soft furnishings and accessories put in a great deal of feel and warmth towards the furniture. Cushions, cushion covers, pillows, rugs and throws etc. will give an exclusive touch and feel to the design without much effort.

You have decided for the styling of the space. You did the look and select the furniture. The colors and textures may also be coordinated to enhance the design and feel of the room.

Now is the time to be seen the bedroom.

Decorating The Living Room

Now is the time to add that personal touch in your room. Use creative decorating ideas to add the intimacy and feeling on the decor.

Using family portraits, personal and prized possessions, artwork, sculptures, vases etc. at the right places add life to the family room designs.

Having unusual and accent furniture is an ideal way of adding towards the decoration.

Accessories are another very functional method of decorating the lounge.

Changing accessories periodically can infuse a new lease of life for the decor in an exceedingly affordable way. These are soft accessories like cushions, rugs etc. and hard accessories like mirrors, vases, lamps etc.

Now you have finished the decor and added displays and accessories, the family area designs are complete. Now is the time to invite the guests.