How To Design Your Living Room (Part 1)

Living room may be the life of your home. Living room designs should embody that aspect to get successful.

It is often a place where our public and private life intersects. It is where we spend one of the most amount of time in our homes, whether entertaining guests, watching TV, or maybe plain relaxing.

It is a place the location where the family all comes together. Where almost all of the interaction happens. Where memories lasting a long time are created.

Let us start designing the bedroom with…

Colors, Light and Texture

The colors and textures from the furniture and accessories should show your mood, your feelings and aspirations. You should like to sit for hours there. It should create an ambience conducive for heart to heart interaction with your friends.

It needs to have the warmth, lots of sun light, maximum views to the soothing exteriors, like gardens, vegetation etc. if at all possible. Do not make it dark and gloomy. Let their be considered an a sense energy and lightness in the area.

It is critical you…

Choose A Style That Reflects Your Personality

When designing the living room first think about what style you want for your room. It is better to create the space in a very style, that best reflects your personality. You should be happy with it. You should enjoy the appearance and feel than it.

You may have a plenty of family area ideas, while deciding on the overall type of the room.

You can decide to produce the structure basic and elegant. It could be done in the modern and contemporary way. Clean lines and bold shapes will be the hallmark of this design type.

Or you’ll have a vintage style look. There are a lot of possibilities.

To make good design, it is vital to…

Work With Design Principles

Once you decide on the feel and look of the room, you need to work with basic design principles to development the space in the most convenient way. This will help you to create exciting design ideas.

First, you have to look into the things that cannot be changed, as an example walls, doors, windows etc.

After that…

Plan The Room In Detail

Think by what type of activity would you like to use it for the majority of the times.

Is it children gathering area? Or do you plan to utilize it for entertaining your guests? Maybe you want the home theater system because the centerpiece of the area.

Plan the seating as well as other furniture in order to incorporate that.

This concludes part one with the group of articles on how to design your lounge.