Game Room Decor and Furniture For Your Man Cave

So you’re increasing your man-cave, huh? Like Sam Adams beer, this is usually a good decision: every slightly-educated human male appreciates which a dedicated area of the home designed designed for him is crucial to some man’s happiness…. as critical as poker, Sportscenter, and chicks in bikinis.

And while one of many man-caves specific purposes would be to think of yourself as “Fortress of Solitude,” additionally it is intended to be the best hang-out in your case and many types of your other poker-playing, beer-drinking, Sportscenter-watching buddies.

The only problem? Each one of these poker-playing, beer-drinking, Sportscenter-watching buddies has a man-cave of their own. So you may need the very best game room decor and supplies in order to make your man-cave much better than the others.

First step: Television. BIG television. In those horrible years known as the 90’s, whenever a big-screen TV were built with a caboose the size of a Volkswagon, the options of where big your television could be were limited, and infrequently dictated, by the architecture of the room. With flat-screens typical today, it is possible to hang a High-Definition screen nearly every place.

No appear goes on in your man-cave or what the situation, the adventure inside the room will forever flow round the television. Picking the right one, plus the right area for it, is brutally essential.

(On a different note, don’t spring the extra dough for 3-D channels. Avatar could have been cool, however, you and all your pals sitting in the basement wearing goofy glasses isn’t.)

Once you’ve got the television available, you should probably put in a couple gaming tables. The ideal you are poker, since its a bunch activity. Ping pong tables, pinball machines, air hockey, foosball… all fun games, and certainly worth considering. But Poker can encompass the largest quantity of players simultaneously, and isn’t that the purpose?

While you’re at it, pick-up a custom poker chip set, some fancy new card decks, and any other poker table supplies you may need. The more professional your supplies, greater professional your game… and greater your pals may wish to be included.

Folding chairs for the poker table is perfect. They’re an easy task to move and adjust, that’s important when there’s not enough room on the couch (Did we not mention the couch? Yeah, you’re gonna have to have a couch. A BIG, comfy couch).

There’s also the issue of art. After all, simply because we are men, doesn’t make us savages. We deserve a little bit of class, and a few tasteful, tactful art for the wall might be exactly the thing.

Most guys goes straight for the centerfold cut-out with their favorite supermodel. This is a classic mistake. Remember, you’re simply a share-cropper…. with all the little bit of land generously presented to you through the true Master from the Land (i.e. your spouse or girlfriend). And “The Boss” is probably not too happy seeing life-sized photos of gorgeous girls in tiny tops draped round the wall.

A good substitute when searching for ‘art’ to act as game room decor on your man-cave is signed sports memorabilia. Just putting up a pennant or poster seems childish. But if you have an autograph onto it, that doesn’t only ups the amount of class, it adds a conversation piece you can stick your chest out and boast about…. All and the true Master happy.

Also, fluorescent signs from beer companies will almost always be cool… but somewhat overused. That bright-green Heineken sign you’ve had since High School looked pretty sick within your dorm room, these days it is simply too bright, too annoying, and too often noticed in other places. Buy something original, won’t you?