Choosing Art Prints and a Theme for Your Game Room

Finding great wall prints on your game room can be difficult. Something that can help would be to look for a theme for your room and then try to stay with it when thinking of decor and wall prints. If your chosen theme is believed about throughout you decor after that your game room will pop and create a statement. To make your it not look thrown together and messy try one of them themes:

Movies – this theme is wonderful for wall posters because there are numerous movie posters to select from. With this theme it will also help to get more specific in your movie genre. For example 50’s movies, sci-fi, dance movies, fantasy, etc.

Classic Celebrities – this theme has several great past personalities to select from for your wall. For example Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, Audrey Hepburn, Elvis, The Rat Pack and The Beatles are common great choices. With this theme you could also make game seem like a vintage dinner or any other scenes in the 50’s and 60’s.

Alcohol – an alcohol theme is quite versatile. There are many great vintage art posters advertising alcohol, the vintage feel can be a classy yet fun best option. Some very popular vintage liquor art posters are Champagne Taittinger, Martini Rossi, and Cognac Monnet. Leonetto Cappiello is often a popular vintage poster artist who’s completed many vintage posters for different types of liquor.

The theme with the game room is important, but once you decide on one everything along with the rest of your decor will start falling into place.