5 Super Cool Must Have’s For Dorm Room Decor

College Freshman alert: you’ll soon have be surviving in your very first home abroad. Get ready to infuse some personality into the dorm room with these have to have dorm room decor ideas.

You’re gonna spend a lot of time with your dorm room–what do you need it to say about you? Here are 5 cool decorating tricks to allow it to be really jump out.

1.Bedding. Start with a brand new comforter. Choose one within your favorite color or using a great design. Down is particularly warm and luxurious so choose this whether it’s with your budget. Down comforters are often white, a great idea is a fashionable duvet cover to finish it off.

2. At your feet. You’ll want to possess a small rug to take a seat on. Hit the top name carpet outlets to see remnants and small rugs. If you find an excellent remnant, own it bound around the edges so it wont shed.

3. Let there be light. Your desk will need to have a very good light source for those night time study sessions as well as prevent eye strain. Spend some time taking a look at desk lamps that are not only practical but stylish on top of that.

4. Dress up your wall. Think of your bare dorm room wall as a blank canvas. Use removable wall decals or a small peel and stick wall mural to make a big decorating statement. Find an excellent image that captures your vibe, as it were, and hang up it safely for the wall.

5. Leave a message. Get a dry erase board to hang for the outside of your door. You can write a line from a favorite song and switch it having a memorable quote the following day. Or you can let everyone understand what you’re doing right this moment a la Facebook. Leave a marker out for friends to retort!

Use these guidelines being a help guide find the perfect dorm room decor that reflects your personality and style.